Making an older home energy efficient and, therefore, more affordable to own or rent, requires extensive knowledge of energy conservation methods, combined with an understanding of the way older homes were built.  Combining the two skill sets ensures energy efficiency is achieved without damaging the home's historic character.

My services include:

Older homes are prone to hazards which can create dangerous living conditions, including mold, radon, lead-based paint, and structural deficiencies caused by termites and water infiltration. There is no value in making an older home accessible and energy efficient if these hazards are not addressed in an effective, affordable, attractive manner.

My services include:

- Identifying ​hazardous conditions

- Designing cost effective solutions

- Assisting with the procurement of qualified contractors to remediate the hazardous condition and repair any structural damage and monitoring and inspecting their work..

Homes should be usable throughout the life of the owner. Using principles of aging-in-place, and universal design, it is possible to ensure that homeowners can stay where they feel the safest and most comfortable, regardless of physical and/or sensory disability brought about by accident, illness, or aging. If done properly, universal design is invisible, never calling attention to itself. Once pointed out to potential buyers, it adds to a home's value.


Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that existing businesses and nonprofits remove barriers to access to people with disabilities when it is 'readily achievable' to do so. Readily achievable is defined as 'without much difficulty or expense'.

​Businesses and nonprofits in the ADA are referred to as places of 'public accommodations' and include restaurants, bars, theaters, grocery stores, bakeries, clothing stores, banks, shopping centers, barber shops, beauty shops, offices of doctors, lawyers and accountants, and hospitals. In addition, libraries, museums, parks, and zoos, and public and private places of education are covered.

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​to arrange a free consultation to discuss your products, services, and facilities, and the most efficient and effective way you can fulfill the requirements of the ADA and accommodate customers with disabilities.

As our planet warms, storms are predicted to get stronger and more frequent. This presents special problems for older homes which are typically built out of heavier, sturdier materials, but usually lack modern features like roof straps and dry basements that can help occupants survive tornadoes. Retrofitting modern safety features on to older homes is challenging and takes skill and experience. 

​My services relating to special construction include design, preparation of bid documents, assistance with contractor procurement, and construction monitoring for projects such as:

- Roof strapping to keep roofs from being blown away during high winds

- More efficient roof gutters, along with site contouring, landscaping and drainage to direct       water away from houses during periods of intense rain

- Safe rooms within the home where occupants can shelter when tornadoes threaten

- New room additions to serve as bathrooms, kitchens, living or sleeping space

- Rainwater recycling/reuse systems

-Solar panel retrofit to reduce the cost of heating and cooling.

-Smart homes to keep residents connected to their community and the world.



ADA Title II and title iii Compliance 


- Evaluating energy usage and recommending energy conservation improvements

- Preparation of bid documents, assistance with contractor selection, and management of energy improvement construction projects. 

Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that state and local government entities provide individuals with disabilities access to their programs, activities and services. s. This does not mean, however, that each existing building be made accessible. Rather, a state or local government's programs, when viewed in their entirety, must be readily accessible to, and usable by, individuals with disabilities. 

Strategies for accomplishing this may include a combination of alterations to existing buildings, acquisition or construction of existing facilities, relocation of a service or program to an accessible facility, or provision of services at an alternate accessible site.

Contact me at 270.404.6729, or LivingatHome2@gmail.com to arrange a free consultation to discuss your programs, services, and facilities, and the most effective and efficient way you can fulfill the requirements of the ADA.


My services include:

- Evaluating residents' unique mobility issues and usability needs 

- Performing a comprehensive assessment of the home to identify  barriers to mobility and usability
- Using the latest in aging in place and universal accessible concepts to design solutions for each barrier 
- Assisting with the installation of accessibility products and appliances and acquisition of contractors

-Supervising construction of additions and accessibility improvements.

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