Construction Management

If you decide to implement any of the accessibility, energy conservation, or hazard remediation strategies, can provide project management including preparation of plans and specifications, cost estimates and bid documents, and contractor selection.  We will also periodically inspect the project to ensure the work is progressing satisfactorily.

Cost: On an hourly basis at $100 an hour with the number of hours pre-determined.

Permanent Accessibility Solutions

Once you can safely enter your home, it will be time to make exterior and interior renovations that make it usable over the long term.  Front door entry ramps and kitchen and bathroom renovations are the most common, but widening doorways and installing stair lifts are  also common projects. 

Cost: On an hourly basis at $100 an hour with the number of hours pre-determined.

Sparks architecture 

designs ​from the Living at home studio

While I do love to preserve older homes by making them accessible, livable, and safe, Ialso create new home designs that are accessible and affordable.  I love the challenge of designing homes for small and oddly shaped urban lots, but also appreciate rural settings.

While I am knowledgeable about all types of residential construction, I specialize in accessibility, energy conservation, and hazard remediation in older homes, which can present numerous, and complicated issues related to living at home when compared to newer structures.

Energy Efficiency Improvements

A key to being able to continue living at home is affordability, and an important consideration in that is the cost of utilities. We will identify opportunities for energy savings, and provide improvement specifications and designs. 

Cost:On an hourly basis at $100 an hour with the number of hours pre-determined.


Even in this era of budget cuts, there are still some programs that can help pay for accessibility modifications and energy conservation improvements. We will help you identify them and assist with making application at no cost.  It's part of how we help you. 

Hazard Mitigation

Threats to health and safety in a home take many forms: mold, radon gas, lead-based paint, structural problems.  It makes little sense to make a home accessible and usable if it is dangerous to live in.  We will identify threats to health and safety and design remediation measures.

Cost: On an hourly basis at $100 an hour with the number of hours pre-determined.    

Initial Assessment

My first step is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your home, both inside and out.   The assessment will identify barriers to entry and obstacles to movement inside the home, and will make recommendations for the best, and most economical, strategy to overcome each.

The initial assessment will also identify any perceived threats to health and safety,and opportunities for improving energy efficiency.

Cost: $250



Important to Note

Temporary Accessibility Solutions

In situations, such as someone coming home from the hospital, there are often products, like modular metal ramps, that can be purchased and installed quickly and relatively cheaply. I will recommend which of these best fits your needs, and will assist with ordering and installation.

Cost:  $250

I am not a builder, and that, like everything I do, is by design.  This leaves me free to guide you through the bidding process and choose the best, and lowest cost, contractor for your project with no conflict of interest on my part.  I will work for you and represent and protect your interests through every stage of every project, from planning to completion.

While $100 an hour seems like a lot, it's important to consider that, because of my knowledge and experience, I can do the job quickly and efficiently, which results in a project that is both economical and high quality.