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Specialist in Older Homes

​​While I am knowledgeable about all types of residential construction, I specialize in accessibility, energy conservation, and hazard remediation in older homes, which can present numerous complicated design and construction issues compared to newer structures.

Residential Hazard Mitigation

Having a home that is accessible also means a home that is free of obvious tripping hazards such as deteriorated steps and loose floorboards. These will be identified, along with recommended steps for remediation during an initial accessibility assessment at no additional cost.

​However, other, hazards such as mold, radon gas, lead-based paint, termites, and structural deficiencies, are usually hidden and require a more thorough investigation, including basements, attics, and inside walls. I will identify any existing hazards using the most non-invasive techniques, and will recommend corrective actions for each.

Cost:  $500

Commercial Assessments for ADA Compliance For Profit or Nonprofit

My first step is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of your business, both inside and out.   The assessment will identify barriers to entry, obstacles to movement inside the structure, and will make recommendations for the best, and most economical, strategy to address the identified problems.

Cost: $500



​Local Gov​ernment ADA Compliance and Section 504 Plans

Title II of the ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act require that local government programs and services be accessible to people with disabilities. This doesn't mean that every floor of every government building building be fully accessible; rather, taken as a whole, programs and services must be available to all citizens. 

I can help you create an overall ADA strategy, including creating or updating your 504 Plan to ensure you are in compliance and eligible for federal and state grant programs and that services are delivered to all your citizens in the most cost effective manner possible.

Cost: From $1,000 to $5,000 depending on number of programs and facilities.

Project Design and Project Supervision

If you decide to implement any of the accessibility, energy conservation, or hazard remediation strategies I create for your specific situation, I will provide project management and supervision based on an hourly rate with a pre-determined maximum.

My design services including preparation of plans and specifications, cost estimates and bid documents, and contractor selection.  We will also periodically inspect the project to ensure the work is progressing satisfactorily.

Cost: On an hourly basis with rate and maximum number of hours predetermined.

Residential Accessibility Assessments

A comprehensive assessment of your home consists of discussion with you about the accessibility needs of your family members both now and in the future, and a walk-through of your home inside and out. Barriers to accessibility will be noted, and a strategy outlined for creating an accessible route into and through your house and making your entire house usable will be developed.  

Cost:  $500

Energy Efficiency Improvements

A key to being able to continue living at home is affordability, and an important consideration in that is the cost of utilities. We will identify opportunities for energy savings, and provide an initial outline of energy saving strategies.  

Cost:  $500